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        Jiangsu Xinde Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd was established in 2004 on the former Yancheng City Xinde Petroleum Machinery Plant. And it is one of the major oilfield equipment manuacturers under the membership of CNPC.The company is located at Yancheng, Jiangsu Peovince, with USD 170 million assets, covers an area of 266,670 square meters and has 1,500 staff employees……
      Bazhou Zhaoshi Drilling Engineering Technology Service Co.,Ltd
      BD Oil and Gas Techndogies.Ltd
      Domestic Sales:
      Overseas Sales:
      Domestic Sales:86(0)-69900566 Overseas Sales: 86(0)515-68783558 / 68783701
      Fax:86(0)515-69900539 Add:No.88 Xingdang Road, Jianhu,Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, China